CoNET Token

CoNET Token Allocation

Key Metrics

Token name: CoNET
Token symbol: CoNET
Total supply: 500M CoNET
Underlying blockchain: AVAX

Why does the CoNET need a token?

CoNET is a decentralized privacy network and high-speed ledger expansion consensus mechanism. CONET tokens promote decentralization while incentivizing different nodes to provide high-quality services and ensure that the network can be expanded according to demand.

As CONET continues to launch infrastructure projects, more revenue can be used to reward nodes and grow the CONET network. By staking CONET tokens, anyone can run a mixing node and have a fair chance to earn CONET rewards and stable cryptocurrencies.

Anyone who holds CONET tokens can also choose to delegate to a mixing node, rather than running a mixing node themselves, and receive a portion of the mixing node reward.

Anyone can join and choose the method of participation, and get rewards according to the reward sharing algorithm.

Total pledge plus delegation and customer reviews, reputation as a node, nodes with higher reputation, are selected more frequently, participate in the network and consensus, and get higher rewards.

CONET’s token economics aims to encourage good CONET security and network quality, and improve the virtuous circle of the overall infrastructure.

CoNET Release Schedule

24 months

◼ Reserve & Community
Release 65% in first 24 months, then release evenly within the next 3 years
◼ Backers
◼ Team
◼ Strategic Industry Partners
◼ Launchpads
◼ Advisory & Board

Use Cases