Innate in Digital Privacy

Use asymmetric key as the address to identify the communication parties. Only the encrypted packet that used recipient’s public key can be recognized by the network. The packet will be forwarded to the destination address when relay node received it. The node is driven by a decentralized stablecoin incentive mechanism.

Mine US dollar based

Crypto with Laptop

Zero Metadata

The IP address communication mode of the Internet contains rich metadata. Asymmetric Key that can be created at any time as the communication address to protect personal privacy.

Traffic Obfuscation

Network communication is based on the HTTP/S protocol at the application layer to avoid censorship. Effectively avoid network IP address filtering.

Stealth Server

The server is obviously invisible due to no IP address. A powerful server farm can be established through load balance.

Decentralized Incentive Mechanism

The relay node is served by miners, who provide services according to the market price of network outbound and storage, and charge based on the anonymous payment system CoNETCash based on stablecoins.